Relocating to the Wilkes County, North Carolina area

When relocating to a new area, you can have a lot on your mind: a different job, different schools, a different church, different daily routines, and of course, finding a new place for you and your family to call "home". At Homes of Wilkes, we understand this, and we are experts in relocation.  We have a long history of finding buyers the right home by going through a very specific checklist to help them efficiently narrow their options.  If you're relocating to an area outside Wilkes, contact us.  We have a vast knowledge of top quality Agents in other areas across the country and often send and accept referrals to and from those Agents.  Make sure you get the service you deserve, by first contacting Debo, Larry or Randy.

When relocating, you often don't have the time to look at every home on the market.  It's our job to determine your needs and wants and only show you properties that truly fulfill those needs and wants.  Otherwise, you'll spend your time looking at properties that don't come close to your requirements and seeing so many properties makes the whole process just a blur.  There's no way to see a lot of homes and keep the specifics about each in your head.  So, pare down your list first thing with this advice:

Relocated to the Wilkesboro area with Homes of Wilkes as your real estate agent - 336-984-0226
  • the FIRST STEP for all Buyers, is to know your budget and get pre-qualified by a lender.  The lender will ask questions about monthly income and expenses and help determine how much the Buyer can get for a loan.  Then, we know what price range to limit the home search. If you're going to need a loan to purchase a home, have your pre-qualification letter from your lender with you, or sent to us in advance, so we can eliminate homes beyond your budget.  Sellers expect only Buyers who can actually purchase their property (through pre-qualification by a lender) be able to schedule appointments to see their properties.  It takes a lot of work and time for the sellers to prepare for a showing, and they're expected to leave their home while the buyer sees it. So be respectful of their time and work and don't ask them to make that effort if you don't truly know you could purchase their home if it fits your requirements.  We can be more flexible with vacant homes, but they aren't the norm.  A listing agent will likely ask if you've been pre-qualified before scheduling a showing.
  • Send us two lists several days before arriving: One should be of things you require in your new home (deal breakers if not present). The other should be optional things you want (icing on the cake if present and not deal breakers if they're not). When a house can't fulfill your basic needs, we can naturally eliminate it from the list.
  • How long a commute are you comfortable making each day to work, school, day care and other daily needs? Traffic in the Wilkes County area could be different than your current location, so let me know your expected drive-time, and we'll seek out homes within that radius.

Before we meet in person, we could send you recommendations for possible homes. Or if you've got a list of properties in mind, let us know what you've found. While seeing listing photos on the web is invaluable, there's nothing like walking through homes in person. Let us set up any necessary appointments and map a route. We can see several homes in a single day if we work efficiently, but I usually limit the initial search to 5, because after that, they all start to blur together.  If you haven't found your new home, we'll need to revamp and determine why your requirements have not been satisfied and determine how we continue.

Our focus is to make sure that by the end of your visit, you can be rest assured you've found the best home for you and your family. Call/Text us today at any of the following numbers to begin your home search.

Debo Cornett: 336-984-0226;
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