Sellers, I encourage you to remember this very strategic statement throughout the sales period of your house.
More time on the market = Less money in seller's pocket

If you've ever heard the statement "Time Equals Money", nowhere is that more evident than in selling your home.  When a property is initially put on the market, there's a "sweet spot" or "honeymoon period" during which the most Buyers will be interested in that property.  It's ideal to get an offer within the first week of going on the market, but definitely in the first 30 to 60 days.  However, getting an offer during this time frame often scares sellers that they've priced it too low and they're leaving money on the table.  On the contrary, what they've most likely done is looked at crucial information from their market expert and, along with them, have arrived at a price most likely to bring in the most buyers and quickly get a strong offer (ideally several offers) and go under contract quickly and move to closing.  

Here's a sentence you must NEVER say, because it's a blatant misconception and cannot even be entertained in today's market.
"Let's price it high...we can always reduce it."  WRONG! 

At one time this may have been an approach that worked, but not in the current market.  Current nationwide statistics verify that the more price reductions required before getting an offer, the more likely that offer will be much lower than it would have been, had it been priced appropriately at the beginning.  The national average for the Sales Price of properties requiring at least one price reduction before getting an offer is approximately 86% of the last price reduction.  Not only is the sales price lower, but the seller could actually walk away with even less money due to the extra carrying costs during the extended listing period, plus they will likely have to make more concessions to the buyer to actually get the offer and bring it to closing.  This refers to the first statement "More time on the market = Less money in seller's pocket!"

Whether you've sold many homes in the past or this is your first sale, it's important to pick a Listing Agent who

  • knows how to provide you with current and accurate information on the local market;  this includes not only with a CMA, but a clear explanation of how your property fits in with current active competing listings and current market trends.  If a CMA is the only information you're using, you're only getting historic data and not exploring the current market or market trends.  One thing is always certain - the market is like a pendulum, and always swinging into a market that will either benefit the buyer or the seller. The market is also like the weather - it may be raining in one neighborhood and sunny in another.  It's important to know where your neighborhood sits in this market and how it seems the pendulum is moving.  Get the benefit of a Listing Agent who has additional training in determining market status and trends, particularly in strategically placing it on the market to aggressively compete with other properties and sell quickly.  A Stategic Pricing Specialist has the training and experience to best situate your property in the current market.
  • market and promote your property to the most Buyers possible.  
In Wilkes county, NC that's Debo Cornett.  See your property Featured on all the major real estate sites, such as,, and many more.  Get regular weekly reports on how many times your property has been displayed online, how many potential Buyers actually took a closer look and how many showed real interest and lots more.  Our Properties get SEEN and they get SOLD!  Ask for our Pre-Listing Packet to best prepare you for the entire selling process and the options available to you.  Don't waste time, choose the Listing Agent who has a track record and marketing program geared to selling your property as quickly as possible, at a price determined by the current market.  Get the facts and make an informed decision with Debo and Larry.

Before talking with any Agent, make sure you've read this informational brochure: 
"Working With Real Estate Agents"

Planning to List Your Property For Sale?

If you plan to list your property for sale, you want to have a real estate professional who has expert experience with all aspects of the sales process, starting with the CMA(Comparative Market Analysis) which compares your property to other comparable properties that are close by and have sold in the last 6 months to 1 year. We will then test the CMA to determine what's actively going to be competing with your property and determine how your property can be most competitive with other listings for a quicker and higher sale. Please give as much information as possible as the more information we have the better analysis we can perform. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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