Step 1 to Buying a Home

Whether this is your first home purchase or you've purchased many homes, ask for our Home Buyers Guide or First Time Home Buyers Guide to be emailed or mailed directly to you.  These documents will help you get started in the right direction and keep you on track from first starting to look for potential homes right through closing, so you don't make unnecessary mistakes and waste valuable time. If you've purchased a home in the past, you still need some specific information to help you understand how the real estate market has changed since your last purchase, and it HAS changed.  Here are some basic steps EVERY Buyer should follow before starting the home buying process.
  • If you will be getting a mortgage to pay for your new home, the first step to getting started on that process is to be pre-qualified/pre-approved by a mortgage lender.  This does not have to be the actual lender you use for your mortgage, but it verifies a lending institution has determined (from information you have given them) you appear to be able to purchase a property within a particular price range.  They will provide you a Pre-Qualification Letter giving a price range for your home as well as any requirements for you to complete the sale.
    • Since the mortgage problems and collapse of many major lending institutions, back in the 2007-2010 period range, there are many resulting governmental regulations on lending practices. There are also changes in expectations on behalf of Sellers.  Sellers now expect Buyers to be Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved to see their properties.  Imagine, you're a Seller and you get a call from your Listing Agent that someone wants to see their home.  Before they go to the trouble to get their home ready (sparkling clean, looking its best) and arrange to be away from their home for about 1 hour (may include getting children dressed and loaded into the car, feeding meals early, missing naps, etc. and often getting pets into the car or to a friend's), they want to know these buyers have verification they can actually buy their home if it fits their needs.  Otherwise, they're often reluctant to say "yes". Sellers are expecting ready, willing and able Buyers looking at their property, not just "lookers".
  • Choose a Personal Buyer Agent to represent your interests during the entire buying process.  They will be your personal guide from beginning to end of your home purchase.  The Seller has the Listing Agent representing them.  When Sellers list their properties on the MLS, they agree to pay all fees for assisting in the sale of their properties, including providing equal representation for their Buyers.  Your Buyer Agent will use your Pre-Qualification Letter to limit your search to the amount in that letter or that amount plus the cash you have available to use.  They will also limit the search to any requirements you've shared with them.  This will save you a lot of time and make your search much more efficient and keep you on track to moving into the home just right for you, much more quickly.  
  • Start searching for properties at using your specific search criteria.  Your Personal Buyer Agent can set you up to receive ALL listings that fit your search criteria to come directly to your email the minute they come on the market or have price reductions.  This is a huge time saver for you in that you don't have to go through everything on the MLS, but look only at properties in your price range and that have amenities that fit your specific search criteria. Send all potential properties to your Personal Buyers Agent for more information and to make appointments for showing you those properties.  Other online sites are a great start, but once you've narrowed down that you want to purchase a property in a particular area, do yourself a favor and not be overwhelmed by everything for sale everywhere.  Once you get with a qualified Buyer Agent, you've just taken the first step to moving into your new home more quickly and at the best possible price.
The Staff at Homes Of Wilkes has the essential skills in: 
  • educating their buyers to best assist them in making difficult decisions;
  • finding the best properties for their clients;
    • for the best possible price for their buyers' new homes;
    • additional buyer accommodations, such as Seller paid Closing Costs on behalf of the Buyers;  
    • contingencies such as time to sell their current home in order to buy the new one;
    • repairs requested by the Buyers as suggested by their inspections so their home will be in its best condition once they take ownership.  
With the guidance and assistance of your Personal Buyers Agent, you could be in your new home within 30-45 days.  Call/Text (336)984-0226 or Email and let's get started.

We take our mandate to always protect the best interests of our clients very seriously, before talking with any Agent, make sure you've read this informational brochure: "Working With Real Estate Agents"

First Time Home Buyer Guide

Request our First Time Home Buyer Guide, available just for our Clients, developed from experiences of our previous home buyers and our Buyer Agents. Get started on the right foot and stay on track to moving into your first home as quickly and smoothly as possible with this very helpful information.

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