Real Estate Straight Talk

IMPORTANT:  Buying a home is likely the largest investment a person makes in their lifetime.  So every step of the process should be taken only with the expert advice and guidance of professionals with extensive knowledge of your specific needs and options.

Those EXPERTS will be PROFESSIONALS such as (but not limited to) REALTORs®, Home Loan Specialists, Real Estate Attorneys, Inspectors, Service Contractors and Accountants/Financial Advisors.  Any one of those professionals can suggest others to you because they’ve successfully provided superior guidance to their previous clients.  You’ll notice I underlined the words “professionals” and “experts” because, by meaning, it defines those who have special skills, knowledge and mastery of a particular subject as a result of training and/or experience AND they practice in a profession on a daily basis and have a good track record of success with previous clients.  Should you ask for advice from family and friends?  Of course, some of them may have bought or sold real estate in the last few months and could give you names of professionals and experts who helped them.  But unless they are one of those experts, because they want only the best for you, they’ll give you the same advice of getting the professionals who can provide you with the expert advice you need in making some big decisions, that will effect your life for probably the next 30 plus years.

Posted by Debo Cornett on December 27th, 2017 8:12 PM
HOME BUYER STEP #2:  In case you haven't read, Home Buyer Step #1, go back and read it first, then come back to this post.  Step #2 for a Buyer is to choose a very qualified, experienced, knowledgable Buyer Agent to walk you through each step of the process through, and after, closing.  It doesn't matter whether you've bought many properties in the past or this is your first, your Personal Buyer Agent is one of the most important decisions you'll make to keep the process on track and get to closing as smoothly as possible.  Don't just pick up the phone and call the first person you see in an ad, online, in the newspaper or on a sign in the yard.  Do some research to see what additional training this Agent has to best serve their clients' needs - YOU.  One way to determine that is by the Designations, Certifications, Accreditations they have earned.  If they've earned these levels of training and experience, they will proudly display them by their name.  You'll see another post on my blog (WHAT THOSE LETTERS AFTER AN AGENT'S NAME MEANS TO YOU) about the letters following an Agent/REALTOR®'s name so you'll have a better idea of the expertise they actually hold.  An important Accreditation to look for as a Buyer is the ABR, which means this Agent is an Accredited Buyer Representative.  They have attended classroom and/or online training to address issues any Buyer might experience during the buying process.  It helps them with their problem-solving ability and often more importantly, their problem prevention ability.  You won't regret taking the time to search out the best of the best in Buyer Agent Representatives by those that proudly proclaim by their name the letter ABR.  To find an ABR anywhere in the country, go to and search by the location (state and city or county) where you'll be buying.  There will be a list of all the Agents that hold this very special qualification.
Posted by Debo Cornett on February 19th, 2016 8:45 PM
HOME BUYERS' STEP 1:  I have Buyers ask all the time "What should I do first?"  My answer is ALWAYS "Talk with a lender who can give you a realistic picture of how much you can afford."  Once that's been done, we know our search limitations.  This is the most helpful bit of information to get things going and keep them moving toward getting into their new home more quickly.  Once a Buyer knows how much they can actually spend on their new home, their Buyer's Agent will look for properties fitting their specific needs only within that price range (possibly slightly higher to accommodate negotiations).  This also allows a Buyer to narrow their search.  Looking at everything that's currently on the market can be very overwhelming, so narrowing search parameters, prevents Buyers from  being distracted by all the properties that don't fit their needs.  One of the most painful experiences for a new Buyer is they find a property that fits everything they want and need, and after falling in love with it, they discover they can't afford to purchase it because their first step was to look at properties they like, not determining their ability to buy.  So make an appointment with a home loan lender and get started on finding your new home.  If you don't know who to call, contact me, or your Buyer Agent, to get suggestions.
Posted by Debo Cornett on February 18th, 2016 11:54 AM